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Hydroseeding for your commercial property.

When the lawn of your Monroe County, Pennsylvania business looks brown and patchy but you don’t want to replace it with rows of sod, hydroseeding is another alternative to planting grass seed. The process of hydroseeding starts with mixing a slurry of mulch, water, fertilizer, tackifier, and seed in a tank. The lawn care specialists at Primrose Landscaping then place a hose into the tank and spray the slurry mixture onto your lawn. We take care to spray evenly on a layer of ground that we prepared in advance. The mulch contained in the hydroseed mix helps the seeds and seedlings retain the right amount of moisture.

Hydroseeding is often an excellent choice for businesses due to the larger size of the lawn compared to residential properties. It is also ideal for spaces that would otherwise be inaccessible. The process is  much faster than planting grass seed and waiting for it to germinate, which is another important benefit for large commercial properties.

Our hydroseeding professionals prepare your lawn for the process by creating a finish grade. This is smooth surface with an appearance like carpet. This prepares the soil to receive the seed. After laying down the finish grade, we apply hydroseed evenly to the entire area. You should expect the mixture to be quite thick at first. It’s important to water it daily for fast, even results. The first seeds will begin germinating in approximately 10 days, and your lawn will appear lush and full in approximately four to six weeks.

Benefits of Choosing Hydroseeding

If you’re still weighing your options, consider these benefits of professional hydroseeding:

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