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Residential Hydroseeding Services

What is hydroseeding?

Are you considering planting new grass seed at your home in Monroe County, Pennsylvania? If so, hydroseeding offers many advantages. Hydroseeding is a process that combines fertilizer, fiber mulch, seeds, and water together in a tank. A lawn care specialist at Primrose Landscaping then sprays it on to your lawn through a hose. Once the mixture hits your lawn, the wet fiber mulch bonds to the soil. This protects it from damage caused by sunlight, erosion, and wind. When the seeds start germinating, the fiber mulch decomposes and provides additional nutrients to the soil.

Advantages of Choosing Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding costs less than laying sod and provides a faster process than growing new grass with seeds. This is especially beneficial for large yards. Some of the other benefits of this process include:

How Our Process Works

The first thing we do at your home in Monroe County is create a finished grade in the area where we will apply the hydroseeding mixture. This smoothens your lawn and prepares its soil to receive new seed. We then use specialized equipment to apply the mixture. Since consistent watering is essential to the success of hydroseeding, we give you precise instructions on when and how much to water.

If you’re looking for a quick, simple, and cost-effective way to improve the appearance of your lawn, contact us today to receive a free quote for our hydroseeding services. It won’t be long before your neighbors start asking what you did to make your lawn look so healthy and attractive.

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